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I had that collection......Gatorade in glass bottles with vacum seald metal lids, original falvor made by Stokley Vancamp......

Don P.

They made these in a few different years but I'm not sure which exactly. I'm sure someone could tell by comparing the helmet designs. The rams one has the white horns so is earlier than the ones pictured, etc. My brother and I each have a set that were never mounted on the jars, which may well be the only two existing sets of any years out there in that condition. No rust or marks underneath, and all have that protective seal over the top. We were debating on putting them on that well known auction site, hence checking online once in a while to see what pops up, like this site. A definite blast from the past.


I too had the whole collection, including Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buc's. I drank so much gatorade I pooped green....


Had fun collecting these as a kid in '73 and managed to still have them today. Interesting thing was that several of the teams had different versions of their helmets featured making it fun to chase down all the variations.


I'm glad to see others collected the caps. I have the entire set (minus Seahawks and Bucs), including the old Redskins helmet as well as both versions of the Oilers, Bears, and Rams. Anyone out there ever collect Baseball/Football trading cups sold by 7-eleven back in the 70's?

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