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I used to love these posters. My bedroom walls were covered with them. My favorite one was "The Bash Brothers" which of course was Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco dressed up as the Blues Brothers.

I also had "L.T. the Terminator", Hershel Walker's "H-Bomb" and Kevin Mitchell's "Bat Man". The last one was mostly because I loved Batman at the time, too, but that one was a lot of fun. Kevin Mitchell with a cape, on a roof with a SF logo in the form a bat signal. Good stuff.

Zubaz is Zu-back!!!

My brother had a John Elway "The Rifleman" Costacos poster. Elway was dressed as a cowboy, holding his hand next to a football in a gun holster around his waist, like he was ready to "draw." He had little footballs where bullets would normally go in the belt. He was standing in the middle of a dusty Western town road with other cowboys on horseback in the background.

Myself, I had an Eric Dickerson Colts-era "RoboBack" Costacos poster. It was a pun on RoboCop. He was standing in the middle of a scientific lab, with doctors and scientists testing him. On the back of their white lab coats, it said SEE DICK RUN in big blue letters, a reference to Dick and Jane books. Eric's helmet and trademark goggles were being lowered onto his head by robotic arms. On monitors in the background, there were computerized charts and graphics showing his body in uniform and his stats.

Years later, we found an LT (Lawrence Taylor, the original, true LT) "The Terminator" Costacos poster at a flea market. Somebody decided to mount it on plywood and give it a glossy sheen. This poster was hilarious; it showed LT shooting red laser beams out of his fingers at "dead" football players laying on the field. In the background, a football player was dangling on the crossbar of the goalpost, like he got flung there by LT and was haning on for dear life, or he climbed up there to protect himself.

One question about details in the Boz poster: is that scarecrow with the orange #7 jersey supposed to be Elway? I bet it is, especially since the Seahawks were in the same division as the Broncos back then. I think the #14 tinman is probably Steve Grogan. He was #14 on the Patriots (red jersies and white helmets). He was about to retire in the late 80's, wasn't playing much, and when he did he SUCKED (his rating was a dismal 37.6 in '88!), so he would've been a prime target for jokes.

John Costacos

Yeah the #7 is supposed to be Elway. We did that because Brian had said some things about him, most notably saying he looked like Mr. Ed. #14 wasn't supposed to be Grogan (I was a Patriots fan since I was a kid so I wouldn't have deliberately put Grogan in there). The Scarecrow and Tin Man were the a top DJ team i Seattle at the time, Gary Crowe and Mike West. We did this for local publicity. Dorothy was Ava Fabian. She was the Miss August 1986 Playboy Playmate. She looked perfect for it, plus we figured with her there every male reporter in the area would show up to cover the shoot...it worked.

All the guys in the background of the LT poster were our crazy Greek friends from New York. The extras in the Dickerson poster (and many others) were friends of ours or people who worked for us. We even made our dad a referee in posters of Todd Christensen ("In Todd We Trust") and Ickey Woods ("Dirty Dancing"). We had more fun than anyone deserves to have in their jobs.

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