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Kenneth Lilly

I do miss the old look of the Bengals. I'm not an enormous fan of the stripes, haven't been for years.


I wish someone- Reebok, Mitchell & Ness- would come out with a Ken Anderson throwback jersey from that era.

I lived in Dayton for a short time so I had the Bengals as one of my favorite teams, after the Dolphins.


i always liked bengals classic.

Jim Ransdell


Reebok did make a classic Ken Anderson jersey recently. I have one in my collection, bought it a few months ago at Kohl's. Look around it's out there.

Custom Logo Design

i miss the old bengals


I am trying to find a copy of a mirror I bought for my son when he was 12. I am trying to find its value...it has Kenny Anderson in the front with players number (85?) and 45 in the background. It is marked Stamford Art and was made in Canada.

Can anyone help with this?

Eric's Mom

Sam Pierce

I always liked bengals classic.

Custom Logo Design

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