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johnny griswold

It would be cool to see them re-do the graphics for the classic games.

Jim Ransdell

That would be a great idea.


good topic today, Jim. i miss the old graphics. today, there's just too dang much happening on-screen. it's like seinfeld once lamented, "do you want me to watch or do you want me to read?"

sure the gfx are great looking, but they can get distracting no matter how good the design. i have a hard time watching fox sports channel's version of sportscenter (can't think of the name) because of the gigantic right-hand side graphic they employ along with the ticker along the bottom. it's like that snl skit where they filled the screen with news, weather, sports, etc. graphics to the point of having the anchors duck and weave in order to be seen onscreen.

the old gfx were clean and simple and got the job done just as well. i like how they're from the '75 series simply because that's the first series i remember watching (i was 8)... back when they still had WS day games. i can't believe i was rooting for the sox!


a good side topic of today's might be old school scoreboard graphics. we used to joke down at old cleveland stadium about how the one-color player images all looked the same... it'd be either "mustache" or "no mustache" who was up to bat.

here's a shot of the scoreboard (just the box score on the 'board, but you'll get the gist:


johnny griswold

I think baseball is a slow enough sport where you can have these modern graphics with a ton of info. There's a lot of time in between plays or pitches, so I enjoy all the info.


@ johnny

i'd have to agree re: baseball being slow-paced enough. it is nice to be able to scan the box score and get caught up in about 10 seconds if you come in late. i guess my rant is more aimed at the overuse/misuse these days of onscreen graphics overall. maybe i'm just gettin' old and can't handle too much info all at once. it never used to bug me, but lately, i feel like it's info overload.

johnny griswold

@ marc

Oh, I am on the same page with you as far as the overuse of on-screen graphics. It's especially disturbing while watching a newscast or some sort of talking-heads show. How can you listen to what they are saying when graphics are flying in, scrolling over and flashing on and off? It's out of control.


back @ johnny

...and don't even get me started on those little animations going on in the lower third DURING a show advertising another show. AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!

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i miss the old graphics. today, there's just too dang much happening on-screen. it's like seinfeld once lamented, "do you want me to watch or do you want me to read?"

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