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Awesome find! If I'm not mistaken, Bob Costas did the play-by-play for the Colonels. Man, for a smaller market team, they had their share of big names!

That was a big thing in the 70s... the team bottles. I remember having a bunch of Browns' 7-Up bottles at home. Cool stuff... wish I still had 'em.

Jim Ransdell

You're right about their talent. One name missing from the bottle is that of Artis Gilmore. Too bad they didn't make it to the NBA, it would sure be nice to have an NBA team here in the Bluegrass.

Zubaz is Zu-back!!!

Not only is the Colonels logo both a K and a C, but it also looks like an overhead view of a backboard and hoop, with the basketball inside. You think this is coincidence or intentional?

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