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reminds me of those old iron city cans featuring the steelers (boooo). love those old-school solid pop-tops on the cans! ya don't see those anymore. i agree with the assessment re: the '88 set. they're a perfect example of how licensing, art directors and a decent budget ruins everything pure and good. isn't it amazing how they screwed the aesthetic charm in a mere 7 years?

Jim Ransdell

Marc-I always look forward to your comments each day-Jim


Thanks Jim. I enjoy the site a lot. This and Uni-Watch are among the first sites I check out after catching up on email. Thanks for taking the time to create and maintain the site!

Zubaz is Zu-back!!!

I can't stand Cris Collinsworth as a commentator/broadcaster/announcer. He jinxes your team! He says stuff like, "This kicker hasn't missed a field goal all year. It would be a shame if he missed this one." Sure enough, the kicker misses it!

Back in the mid 90's when the Colts signed Jim Harbaugh, Collinsworth RIPPED the Colts a new a-hole, saying it was a stupid move and that Harbaugh was washed up, and the Colts wouldn't go anywhere that year. Turned out the Colts finished only one dropped Hail Mary touchdown away from going to the Super Bowl that year! I've hated Collinsworth ever since!!!!


we have a six pack of both these beers never opened

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