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johnny griswold

Wow, I remember those. I couldn't get enough of those Phillies cups.


oh man, i LOVED those things... growing up, i lived about a block-and-a-half from dairy queen, so during summer vacation, my buddy and i would go there for lunch a couple days out of the week (the "full meal deal" rocked!) and we'd always get the helmet sundaes. jim's look a bit different than the ones i had... they had a flat spot on the top so it would sit level on the table while you ate. i even had the big cardboard MLB standings display that went with them. too bad my beloved tribe never seemed to move out of the lowest position of the AL East.

they also had a football version as well complete with really flimsy facemasks.


dang... last post didn't include my links:




looking at those baseball helmets in the link i just posted, i noticed some stuff that may be wrong... due to trying to keep it on the cheap for the manufacturer. single color braves and expos helmets, pirates helmet all yellow w/o black brim and a's helmet all green w/o yellow brim. best i can figure is those helmets are from 1975.

the bummer about the display pictured in the link is that it doesn't let you track the standings... each cutout has the team name below. the one i had didn't have that. you could put 'em wherever you wanted so the part of you with OCD didn't go nuts because the team name didn't correspond to the helmet.


oop... the helmets in the pictures do have the flat spot. my mistake. i didn't realize you could click to enlarge... i just saw the big mets helmet and assumed no flatness.

i'm shutting up now.

Jim Ransdell

Marc-you are on a roll!

Zubaz is zu-back!

Getting rid of the stickers was a smart move. I'm sure lots of people wanted to reuse the helmets as ice cream cups, but the sticker would get destroyed in the dishwasher. Having the logos directly printed let people use the helmets over and over and wash them over and over. I'm sure most people just kept them as cool souvenirs and didn't use them as ice cream cups again, but the directly-printed logos at least gave you that option.

My older brother had a HUGE stack of these helmets. I think he had every team. Then when the Rockies and Marlins arrived, he had to get those too. And any other team that had changed their helmet color and/or logo.

I remember the football helmet cups too. My bro has a Denver Broncos "D with snorting horse" one. We have a picture when he squeezed it onto our cat's head and it started freaking out. It was a pretty good fit, lol. Not a very nice thing to do, but pretty funny anyway. I told my bro to send the pic to stuffonmycat.com, but I don't know if they have an "NFL football helmet ice cream cup" section on the site, LMFAO!!!111!!



Do you guys know where I can buy some of these old baseball ice cream helmets as collectibles? I'm specifically looking for the Vintage Baltimore Orioles Ice Cream Helmets with Cartoon Face Logo only , not the full bird.

I appreciate it if you guys can provide me with a few internet resources or suggestions where i can get these...


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