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even though it's an aba image, that SI cover of the doc driving to the hoop should replace the silhouette of jerry west (i think that's who it supposedly is) on the nba logo. that image seems to me to be more characteristic of the merging of the classic and the modern nba player... plus it'd be cool to see the 'fro.


Daniel J Leonard

I remember that cover of SI with Dave and the Doctor like it was yesterday. Dave Cowens was my favorite player and I was so looking forward to Doctor J and his high caliber team, the New York Nets battling for the eastern conference.
To my dying day, I firmly believe the NBA brass made the deal sending Julius Erving to the Sixers, knowing full well that that defending ABA championship team could have done the same in their league.
The ABA did have style.
The good Doctor really did bring that style to the NBA.
What I remember most was his final game, in the playoffs against a much better Milwaukee Buck team that was destroying the Sixers. With the game and series all but put away, the Buck players let the Doctor go off one more time, as a 20 point scorer. As I watched that game, knowing it was to be the last for Julius, I realized the respect all his opponents had for him.
It didn't happen like that for Michael Jordan and it won't be pretty when Kobe Bryant can't do his thing anymore.
There was only one Doctor J!

P.S. Can you imagine Pete Maravich signing with the Carolina Cougars of the ABA out of college in 1970 rather than suffering with a team of established NBA veterans who didn't want him?

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