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johnny griswold

My two favorite defunct logos are the 70's maroon Phillies "P" and the Oakland Seals (hockey) logo.


i always liked the oilers unis and logo... but i prefer the set with the silver helmet... very reminiscent of old-school metal hardhats an actual "oiler" would have worn.

you're absolutely right about the whalers... best logo ever (and not just among sports logos).

as for some of my fave defunct logos, i like the buffalo braves (NBA), cleveland crusaders (WHA), and the houston gamblers (USFL) plus, on a comedic note, i always liked the orlando rage (XFL) -- it looked the the guy was about to explode... just like the XFL!

there's also some defunct logos for currently active teams that i like as well, such as the mid-70s cleveland cavaliers' "cavalier in the basketball," the denver nuggets ABA "prospector," and, of course, the new england patriots "pat the patriot."

Turd Ferguson

The Breakers logo looked great, but if you are going USFL, the Bandits top my list.

Love the Whalers and Oilers picks. The Oilers-Titans went from top 5 logos in the NFL to the worst logo in sports.

And I agree 100% with Griswold, the Phils 70's-80's stylized "P" with the baseball in the center was fantastic.

Great site. Keep up the good work.

Zubaz is Zu-back!!!

Did you know one of the Oilers' kickers named his son Derrick, as in oil derrick? That's what the the tower in the Oilers logo is called.

The Boston Breakers helmet is one of the all-time greatest football helmet designs in history! And the name is great too: it's got alliteration, and is an accidental reference to breakdancing, which was HUGE in the early 80's.

That Whalers logo shown is an abomination. The Whalers NEVER used this logo. It's actually a weird combo of the 80's/early 90's Whalers logo, and the "new" Whalers logo introduced in 1992; it has the 80's/early 90's colors, but the shape of the Whale's tale and W is from the 1992-97 era logo, and without the silver background. To see the TRUE Hartford Whalers logos, go here:


Daniel J Leonard

The Pittsburgh Maulers logo was fantastic!
I too, loved the Boston Breakers helmets.
A side note on the ABA Memphis Tams.
TAMS, was an acronym for Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi. If you are in 'West Memphis', you are in Arkansas.
The Memphis management was going for the regional appeal since their city was very near those tri-state borders.
When the Memphis team changed it's name to 'Sounds' their script, on the uniform jerseys spelling out 'Sounds' really had that cool, 70's style down.
Similar regional name attempts have been made since with some success, the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cardinals and the Florida Marlins come to mind in recent times.

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