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hey johnny, i agree with you on so many points here i don't know where to begin. i literally LOL'd when you called out paul uniwatch on purple in general and the goodness of the kings' uni in particular since i ALMOST added that very same kit yesterday over at UniWatch to my list of unis i like but the general UW community does not. i also didn't like when the kings tried to become the raiders-on-ice when gretzky came aboard. stuff like that is always a marketing ploy, but when the kings did it, it was just so obvious.

folks used to say the 70s were the pinnacle of bad uni-design. uniforms in the 90s leapfrogged over the worst the 70s had to offer (the "sans-a-belt" look was especially brutal) and then kept going another mile or so. the argument for which begins and ends with that blues alt disaster. oof. not only is it an on-ice train wreck, but who is it even being marketed to? cirque de soleil would find that thing garish.

i agree with the retro-thing not being a novelty. classic design is just that. it holds up and doesn't need to be "modernized." teams like the yankees, raiders, lakers and habs don't seem to have any trouble selling their merchandise -- and only one of them has black as an official color. my only beef with the column is you didn't add the whalers as an example of how a perfect hockey sweater should look(IMHO). good job, dude!

Johnny Griswold


I agree that the 90s were a decade of bad uniform design. And I probably should have thrown the Whalers uniform in there somewhere. They are fantastic!

Daniel J Leonard

Great minds think alike.
I remember when only a few teams sported black.
It's great as a number outline, or to see a player's name, if one is at the game, but come on, with the alternative 'black' jerseys and all.
The King's crown was truly classic, then they went to the silver and black, terrible!
You can't change the fortunes of the franchise by changing uniform colors to that of the more successful teams in your city.
Funny how the Islanders and Oilers are viewed. The success of those dynastic teams still doesn't change how illegible the lettering in their 'classic' crests are. Though the hockey stick, as part of the 'Y' moving down through Long Island was a nice touch.

Hockey Jerseys

Bring back black and white TV!!

Dave Murgie

One thing that is often lost in hockey jersey design is the numbering/lettering on the back. It's obvious there is often very little thought put into the legibility of names & numbers for fans watching live or on television. That certainly hit it's low-point in the '90's with all the ridiculous designs mentioned above. Unfortunately the 3rd jersey plague still continues to this day...sigh...
You'll hear the announcers complain about it occasionally but not enough.
If the 1st game you ever saw live was the Flyers/Sabres Johnny you probably shed a tear every time you've had to watch the Flyers in all black take on the Sabres in their Buffa-slug unis the past few seasons.
Thank goodness Flyer orange is back as well as the classic Buffalo design (albeit in 3rd jersey form...for now).
Also great to see the classic Caps & Isles jerseys back.
A couple of years ago I struck up an online friendship with a Kings fan from LA on MySpace & when I mentioned that they should go back to the crown with the purple & gold he said everyone out there has been clamoring for it for years. He wasn't sure why the team wouldn't do it, even as a 3rd jersey.
And gaaaawd do I miss the Whalers. Green is underused.

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