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ah, gumball helmets... another wonderful topic. maybe it's cause i grew up in the 70s, but i always prefer these old-school helmets to the newer versions. i was giddy as a school-girl when the jets went back to their original look... great stuff. orange crush broncos was a great look too. i love the giants look. the chargers are great, but i wish they'd go back to the number on the side of the helmet. the bengals would get a big thumbs up from me if they went old-school. it'd be cool if the oilers were still around so maybe they could go back to their silver helmet... talk about cool headgear!

Nick Houser

I wish the Bengals would wear their original uniforms at some point. They are classic and much simpler than their current jerseys. This would have been a perfect year to do so to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of the AFL. But then again Mike Brown would have to spend some additional money.

Great pic of Bob Trumpy here

Zubaz is zu-back!

Nick, for the 2009 season the NFL is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the AFL, not the 60th.

I really like the white-with-green-wings Eagles helmets. It would be awesome if they went back to that helmet full time, or at least wore them for a couple throwback games every year. Did you know there is some debate over whether or not that helmet had black outlines on the wings? Go here to read more about it:

Also, I prefer the current Bengals helmet that first appeared in 1981. I think it's friggin' awesome and one of the greatest looking football helmets in history. The original one I feel is very plain and dull and boring and uncreative. I mean, come on, your team's nickname on the helmet? You gotta be able to think of something better than that.

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