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man, that is really freakin' cool. i don't recall many tickets from the 70s that actually had quality graphics... probably because all the tickets i ever got were purchased at ticketron and looked like this:


$15! geeeeeez. i hate to point it out, jim, but if i'm not mistaken, the ticket says "loge" box and not "large." now i'm not sure about cinci, but in cleveland, the "loge" (loh-zh) is a luxury suite. $15 for a luxury box?!?! holy crap!!!!


i guess it is different in cincinnati... "loge" seats are just the upper deck. i found a page from a book called "riverfront stadium" that had the seating chart and prices from 1981. loge seats are listed at $3, so even if the price of a loge seat was the same in '76, the cost of a ticket was jacked up 500% for the series!!! those bastards!!! :-)

DeMarini Voodoo

Man, The images on your site take me back to the good old days of baseball long before ESPN. Seeing old Rollie Fingers (What a Name)in his Okland A'S uni and those cool Pittsburg Pirates uni's pull up baseball memories that I forgot I had.


ticket design really very nice:)

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