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Erik D.

I've noticed lately that I don't see near as many big-time shoe commercials as I used to in the 90's. I think back to the MJ and Bird greatness and realize that we don't seem to have that going on anymore as far as shoe commercials go. They seem to be few and far between these days.

Zubaz is Zu-back!!!

Oh wow, thanx so much for making a post about Pony City Wings!!! I had a black red and white pair when I was a kid in the 80's. I was absolutely blown away when they started selling them again in the early 2000's. Apparently Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit had something to do with them coming back.

"Mr. Kwatinetz's company (The Firm) paid an undisclosed sum for the nearly defunct Pony sneaker brand in 2001 with the idea that the Firm's stable of stars (Durst among them) would wear those shoes, generating buzz."

Snoop Dogg would get his own line of Pony shoes soon after. The latest to get in with Pony is Randy Moss, who has his own line of cleats. But this is probably gonna blow you away:

Go to http://pony.com/ and click on the "Vintage: Throwbacks are back" link. You will see they are now selling City Wings in outrageous colors and patterns, like neon and zebra print.

I also have a vintage baby blue and white pair of City Wings, with silver chevrons. Well, almost. I only have ONE shoe. I never found the other to complete the pair. It's a long story on how I was only able to find one shoe, so I will spare you the details!

I also have a vintage pair of royal blue with orange chevrons Pony Californias from the late 70's. I got them on eBay in 2000 right before Pony made a comeback. I wore them once on a trip to NYC in 2004, and this one kid in the subway saw them and said, "Yo, homeboy's got some OLD SCHOOL sneakers!!!" One of my proudest moments.

Also, in the late 90's, I wore the hell out of a red pair of Pony Anaheims from the 80's. They were astroturf baseball cleats, but the spikes were real short and made of rubber so you could wear them like sneakers. I also still have a pair of black Pony boxing shoes with white chevrons from the 90's. They are bad-ass. The chevrons are slightly different from how they looked in the 80's. They are the epitome of low-profile, and I was wearing them waaaay before low-profile was the trendy buzzword in the sneaker industry.

Jim Ransdell

I had the red/white/black high tops and also had a pair that was three different shades of light gray back in the day. Loved those things!

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