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Awesome that you thought it was "elb". I did, too. I remember having my baseball cards and having no idea why the Montreal Expos would have "elb" on their hat. I still remember my mom correcting me that it was an "M". So you're not alone!


When I was a kid, I thought the logo looked like something that came out of a tube of toothpaste.

Daniel J Leonard

Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA in the 1960's, the 1st game I went to was in Forbes Field, 1969 against the 'new' team, from Canada, the Montreal Expos! Your article is the first I've heard explaining the logo as an 'M'. I too, thought it was e, l, b, for what I thought was, Expos League Baseball. Funny.

Fred D

I've always tought it was a pretty neat logo. As a Montrealer, maybe I can help you understand it. There's an e for 'expos', there's a b for 'baseball' and together with the white shape, they form a M for 'Montreal'.

I don't know about the USA, but Expos gear is very popular nowadays in Montreal. Much more than when the team was still playing. That's pretty ironic considering money made from these shirts and hats goes right in the MLB's pockets!

Jim Ransdell

Fred-thanks for the info on the Expos logo, it has fascinated me for a long time.

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