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Jim, those modern retro jerseys and helmets are AWESOME!!!!!!! They look like Kenny Anderson could walk right in and slip 'em on. Of all the other helmets, I think the B logo on the black helmet is strongest. Excellent work, sir!

Erik D.

I like the jersey idea. I actually think they should stick with the helmets they have. They're simple and classic. I think the helmet with the "BENGALS" across it makes it too "Div. II college football". If they were to go with an alternate helmet, I think the "tiger-head" logo on the black helmet would look cool.


here's a couple more cents...

i love the simplicity of the old school jersey redesign. incorporating the original bengal look with the current look makes it clean and concise. the only thing i might change with that set is making the facemask white (though the grey gives it that cool late 60s/early 70s look).

what about pants? my opinion would be white pants (black belt) for both home and away with the simple alternating direction three-stripe (black - orange - black) look you've got going on the sleeves.

FYI: I do like the tiger head on the black helmet, only a tad larger and facing toward the facemask. again... excellent work!


retro BENGALS uni would be great-- but how about replacing the alternate Orange Jersies with these throwbacks and have the team wear them twice a season. That would be enough of a fix for me.

Jim Ransdell

This article has created quite a buzz today. I want everyone to know that the intent behind this article is not to look poorly on the Bengals current uniform set. I like the Bengals uniforms as they are and still like the striped helmet.

This was just "what if" creative exercise, sort of like your Marvel Comics when you were a kid, "What if: Spiderman had Iron Man's powers". At the end of the day, Spidey still had his normal powers.

So, don't think I'm trashing the current uniforms, just taking a shot into the world of "what if" and "what could be".

Brian Clark

I've always wondered what the Bengals would look like with a burnt orange look (similar to Texas) instead of pumpkin orange.

Jon Schneider

Interesting exploration. There is something nice about the retro look. My main argument against updating any of the helmets is the lack of inspiring Bengals artwork. The B is really quite lame - it is not aggressive and the stripes seem like an after thought. The full tiger has always seemed very awkward to me as well - even more so when applied to the helmet. The best option is the tiger head, but IMHO, it could never trump the traditional striped helmet.

Until the Bengals give you something to work with, you'd do better exploring options outside their uninspired/pedestrian artwork.


I am going to follow up Brian's post about the burnt orange. I have said for the last few years that a darker, 'burnt' orange look would be awesome. Not so much similar to Texas but more of an orange with black going through it.

William Robert

In this article have full explanation of Bengals helmets.That days Bengals helmets have in different shape and more sharp strip.
The most unique helmets in the history of the NFL.


Looks like the shell game to me.

Johnny Griswold

Wow! I love the helmets with the tigers on them. Nice job.

Jim Ransdell

Johnny, thanks.
You have no idea how much of an uproar this caused with the Bengals Nation.


you can't take the stripes off the helmet. The B looks retardid. Do what you want with the jersey but the helmet don't mess with.

Daniel J Leonard

I hail from the hometown of the artist who designed the striped BENGAL helmet, Sewickley, Pennsylvania.
Fortunate to grow up in that town, 12 miles north of Pittsburgh with an Aunt who was a Steeler season ticket holder, the Bengals were just that annoying AFC Central opponent who'd occasionally upset the Steelers and make it look like there'd be a contender for the crown.
I was a fan of the original arched BENGALS helmet but once the stripes were introduced, hey, there's never really been one as stylish and unique.
Your variations of the uniform are great, but let's stay away from perfection, the helmet.
Black, with the striped 'B',really? Don't we already have enough band-wagon jumpers to black? As clean as your striped 'B' design is, from a distance, it would be as clear as the sad ol' Jaguar on Jacksonville's helmet.
I did always feel sorry for Kenny Anderson as those Steel Curtain bullies were pounding him back in the day.

Dean Mohay

They should go with a black helmet with either the "B" or the tiger head on the side with a narrow orange stripe down the middle but make the stripe resemble the current helmet (an orange stripe with little black tiger stripes running horizontally) The helmet now is old and played out man!

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