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One word for the UFL (picture Homer Simpson saying this): BOOOOORING

As much as I hate to admit it, though, uniforms are not an indicator of success. The XFL is a prime example. They had interesting uniforms, logos and helmets that looked as though a lot of time was invested crafting individual team identities. Perhaps that's the UFL's scheme... save the time and money a league like the XFL spent on design and spend it on quality coaching and players. Their first good idea was starting off small. Maybe this is their second good idea!

Love the USFL website shot... pictured is legendary former Browns player, Brian Sipe!

Mike O'Neill

The only benefit of this system would be that various movies, tv shows, and Best Buy ads could use images and footage from games without having to clear individual trademarks or changing colors. Those logos and unis look like a video game that had a deal with the Players but not the NFL.

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