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man, that jordan/mars poster took me back. in art school, i did a HUGE abstract charcoal drawing of those guys. the noir-esque black and white treatment was awesome and was a lot of fun to recreate.

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Jim Ransdell

Marc- "noir-esque"? I didn't know you had that in you!


1989 Whatever.The poster that started it all was the Nike George Gervin "ICEMAN" poster...Way before the Air Jordan there was the Blazer..still as popular today as back then..A mint condition Iceman poster today is worth 20 times that of any Jordan..

Jim Ransdell

Reggie, you are absolutely right. That Gervin poster is an absolute classic and did really start the poster theme trend. I've written about it here on SDB. As a Spurs fan, I love that poster.

I didn't mean to infer that 1989 was any more special than any other year, just that these posters came out during a time when things in the sports products world were on fire creatively.

There are definitely more classics out there, these were just a few I came across while searching through some old catalogs.

Erik D.

YES!! I love these. So simple, classic and awesome. I have both the Nolan and Bo posters. One of the better one's Ive seen is one that my boss has in his office. It's circa 1985-86 and it has Dwight Gooden throwing a ball (whatever type they use in stickball) to Dale Murphy. Both in normal jeans and t-shirts and in a back alley/lot in the city. It's such a cool image. That's what I love about these old Nike posters. The iconic imagery they capture without having to get too crazy with it. Perfect.


I have 10-15 of these old posters, starting with Gervin. Anyone know what they are worth or who would know, if anything?

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