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Erik D.

I love this! I think it's an awesome bridging of the gap. I think it works perfectly. With all of the different uni's and logo's they've run through, I'm almost suprised that no one in the front office has ever thought to do this. You should send this in to them.


This is a great look.

Actually, a somewhat similar concept was less skillfully applied to the AL All-Star (Home Run Derby) jerseys in 2004, when the game was in Houston -- http://www.ptfsports.com/graphics/8-29-04/04americanas.jpg

The NL version went with an updating of the Astros pre-rainbow shooting star -- http://www.ptfsports.com/graphics/8-29-04/04nationalas.jpg

I liked them at the time - mostly because it made reference to the team's great uni history, but looking at this, neither was as good as they could have been.

Even though the Astros' looks changed so much over time, I have always thought of the Astros as a team in blue and something-like-orange. Even the gold star, in my twisted way, I could see that as having some sort of an orange derivation.

With so many teams in red these days, the thing I'd really like to see would be the current look in blue and orange - though that doesn't speak to your Rainbow-era obsession.

Daniel J Leonard

Astros Obsession,
I had it since age 12, 1973, my first little league team was the Astros. We had generic uniforms, gray, non-numbered t-shirts with matching caps, so I painted ASTROS with the shooting star above it, like on the Topps cards I collected, and the #7 (Johnny Edwards, I was the catcher)on the back. This I did with the model airplane paint, because unlike today, where the kids can get anything, you had to make due with what was available. This was also before the parent-dominated, little league, so no one complained. My manager and teammates just said, "Cool!" when I first showed up.
Though my hometown Pirates and your Cincinnati Reds dominated the 70's, and I rooted for my Buccos, I always had a special place in my heart for those sorry Houston Astros. Maybe it was the '8th Wonder of the World, the Astrodome' that they played in, or that my favorite color was orange, but I always hoped for the Astros.
Man, didn't I want them to beat the hated, cross state Phillies in the greatest 5-game playoff series of all time in 1980?
Strange, since the realignment of the National League, with the Reds, Pirates and Astros together, my Bucs have never sniffed the post-season.
I like your idea of the retro-look, the brick is actually the deepest tone of the fantastic, orange, rainbow version of the their uniforms circa 1976, and of course I own the orange H-Star cap (Along with my tri-colored Montreal Expos and San Diego Padres, Cooperstown caps).
Remember when teams had colors other than red, navy blue, royal blue, gold, orange and black, or some derivation?
Why'd the Diamondbacks abandon their World Series winning design? Merchandising, or complicit, boring color, peer-pressure? Let's have some imagination, innovation, or even, throwback to some 'classic' designs.

Jason Marcus Waak

I grew up and still live in Chicagland & Northern Illinois. I was force fed the Cubs by my Dad and rebelled in 1st grade wanting an Astros cap. I really had little knowledge of the team except that their jerseys were way cool, rainbow scheme and all and I knew J.R. Richard would have been one of the all time greats barring his injury and I liked Jose Cruz. I am mostly a Cub and Detroit Tiger fan now but still have a VERY special place in my heart for the Astros from 1975-1986. I love your idea of having them go retro with a new look that incorporates the past and present. I would even like to see you do that same thing but with a blue and orange scheme. Their current uniforms make me physically ill.

Robert Wayne

I'd like to see the Astros go back to the uniforms like they had in the early '70s. The orange shooting star unis. As for their present uniforms, the home unis are so so, but I hate the road uniforms. The crappy red jerseys are supposed to be some kind of alternate thing, but they wear them for 99% of their road games. If they're gonna stick with these uniforms, they need to go back to the gray road jerseys.

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