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This is NBA related, but I always thought the Utah Jazz sounded odd. How much Jazz music is there in Utah when compared to New Orleans?


don't forget the cleveland rams or chicago cardinals!

at the very least, those names aren't as indicative of local phenomena as something like "new orleans jazz." when they left for utah, they really should have changed their name.

back in the nfl, "bills" wouldn't work anywhere but buffalo and "forty-niners" wouldn't make sense outside of san francisco. "packers" doesn't even make sense in green bay (just kidding, packer fans). "dolphins" might be ok elsewhere as long as the new locale is warm and coastal. "patriots" might work outside massachusetts, but mostly if they stuck to the northeast. "vikings" would probably work anywhere up north. "seahawks" should be coastal -- as a matter of fact, the old aafc had the "miami seahawks," so there ya go... the name works in opposite corners of the contiguous states. "cowboys" would work anywhere in the southwest. ok, i'm rambling. you get the point.


here's a thought... what would you name the team if, after the cfl's ottawa rough riders folded in '96, the saskatchewan roughriders relocated to ottawa?


Yeah, I agree that the team name should stay with the city. There's no reason the name "Lakers" should be in Los Angeles.

Daniel J Leonard

Cardinals do reside in Arizona!
I've been a Tucson resident since 1989 (from Ft Lauderdale, FL via Pittsburgh, PA). The female Cardinal especially, lets my wife know when there's no longer any wild bird seed in our courtyard.
When the Saint Louis Cardinals moved, the franchise should have become what I feel is one of the most relevant monikers, the Arizona Rattlers before the Arena League team ever existed.
THAT logo, and color scheme was very, classically cool!

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