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as a fellow long-suffering ohioan, my heart goes out to you, jim, re: the bengals loss. at the very least, they were right on the broncos and not blown out like the browns, so count your blessings. plus, you've got two super bowls to remember... browns fans, much to our chagrin, have nothing but black and white faded victories from the '60s.

the 80s bengals, with anderson at the helm, were definitely a force to be reckoned with. they were at the bleeding edge of uniform design back then (unfortunately, they're at the "enough is enough" edge now, IMHO) and the team and city were riding high. as i recall, the bengals/niners super bowls were both great games... unfortunately for you, they were great for niners fans.

Daniel J Leoanrd

No shame in losing to those historically great 49er teams lead by Joe Montana. Those Bengal teams could have beaten most any other NFC representative.
It's just that devastating, 'losing the Super Bowl' stigma that seems to have plagued the poor Cincinnati franchise ever since.

Daniel J Leonard

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