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Oh man, I recall like it was yesterday begging my dad to buy me one of the Sears Raiders' "jerseys" that said "RAIDERS" above the number 21 (Cliff Branch, of course). i LOVED that shirt! I believe I had that Rams raglan shirt on the cover with the blue sleeves, too. And back in sixth grade, I had that Cowboys jacket on the bottom right! Wow! Great stuff, there.


Great post Jim, Sears used to be a great place to shop....what happened!!! We actually have a bunch of those helmet sweatshirts in stock, they are kids sizes but fit girls great!

Scotty J

Man, that brings back some memories!!

I lived for the Sears and Penney's Christmas catalog!!

I had a lot of that stuff, especially the toboggans and jerseys.


I still have my old Chicago Bears knit cap!! Those were the days.


Man, I have TONS of my old Sears stuff. I loved that catalog and all the gear. Wish they would make some of those jackets and hats for our generation these days.

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