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LOVE the helmet hat!!!

They should've made earflaps with a hole in the side to further enhance the helmet-ish-ness, but they're great nonetheless. I assume the Steeler lid has the logo only on the right side? Love that Ram hat!

I remember seeing them in stores and recall the only downside was that stiff foamy material you mention. I never had a Helmet Hat, but I can imagine the foam didn't breathe very well making for a sweaty head after awhile.

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All of my friends had one of these. I had a later generation Eagles that had stitched-on wings. They looked like the helmet wings, they were just applied rather than printed.

I'm really surprised this hasn't been tried again.


I've been looking for the Patriots one for years with no luck. We have the Vikings and just sold the Raiders recently, such a cool design!


the Eagles, Chargers and Rams were the crown jewels of this collection.

I've have been looking for these in thrift stores for the past 20 years with no luck.


We are doing this with knits in the NCAA, we are trying to get this licensed with the NFL, www.mydomz.com


Where can you buy one now?


Any body got any leads on finding one of these????


I have a San Diego Chargers HelmetHat in pristine condition, never worn with the Joe Greene tag still on the hat. Send me questions at peggagillion2000@yahoo.com and make me an offer.


Man! I want those hats!

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