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Jason Massopust

I completely agree on the yellow topic. I happen to grow up in Wisconsin so naturally I enjoy the Packers. But when I was a kid I became a USC fan because of their uni's and helmet logo. Never occured to me that it might have something to do with yellow. The Rams yellow/blue design is SO much better than the gold. Not even close.

Daniel J Leonard

Growing up 12 miles north of 3 Rivers Stadium along the banks of the Ohio river in the 70's, your article reminds me of my high school's uniform.
Our Quaker Valley Quakers (Doesn't that send shivers down the spines of an opponent?) sported black n gold uniforms much like the vintage Steeler heroes of the 70's. Solid black or white jerseys with the block numbers and gold pants with the big thick, black stripe down the side. The problem I had with our 'look' was our helmet. What is now seen as a cool 'throwback', the gold version with the black stripe down the middle we felt was 'old fashioned'. No child of the 70's wanted anything to do with something from our parents time. Our Super Bowl winning Steelers had black helmets, like those worn today. Additionally, on one side of our helmets, we had a black n white version of the Pat Patriot logo. Remember, during the 70's, much like my senior seasons 1 and 8 team, the Patriots sucked!
Daniel J Leonard

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