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it was definitely odd seeing shaq in the cavs colors last night, however, the difference is shaq has been with so many teams over his career (orlando, l.a., miami, phoenix -- did i miss any?) that it's not as strange (to me) seeing him in new colors as it was seeing jordan et. al. in fresh duds. guys like karl malone and scottie pippen were so identified with one team (jazz and bulls respectively) that you almost don't recognize the person. it's kinda like when you see a co-worker -- especially someone you never see outside of work -- at the mall. it's such an out-of-context experience that it throws your mind for a bit of a loop.


hey jim, here's an unfamiliar uni double shot for ya:


Jim Ransdell

Marc-glad to have you back! I got worried about you!

You're right about Shaq, the multiple team changes have dulled the shock a bit, but it will still take time to picture him as a Cav.

Love the Pippen/Barkley shot. Odd players wearing one of the craziest uniform designs ever.

Daniel J Leonard

How about an NFL article on this theme.
Franco Harris as a Seattle Seahawk, Joe Montana in K.C. Chief garb immediately come to mind as sadly, out of place legends from back in the day.
Link to todays Brett Favre/Viking scenario.
Free agency now plays a role unlike previously.
I agree with your little editorial regarding Karl Malone. That was a foolhardy attempt at an NBA title at the end of his career.

Daniel J Leonard
Tucson, Arizona

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