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Erik D

Although their uni's aren't as drastically different as ATL, the Mavericks make me feel the same way. I totally understand getting a new owner, arena, therefore new logo and marketing. And they've kept to the blue and white, but have just about completely rid themselves of green. And "Mavs" has taken over as their name instead of "Mavericks". I still miss the "M" with the cowboy hat and felt that their scheme in the 80's and 90's was a simple, classic look as well. And I honestly don't think they even wear throwbacks of these uni's. I thinks now just an alternate jersey that may have some green with "Mavs" on the front. Just my 2 cents.....


It depends on your concept of the history of the Hawks. The Hawks adopted red and white (later adding gold) when they moved to the Omni in 1972. From 1970 until 1972, their colors were royal blue and lime green. Prior to that, and when the franchise was based in St. Louis, their colors were red, light blue, and white. So there is some history of blue as a team color. But if your concept of the Atlanta Hawks begins in the mid-70s or the 80s, you think of red.

Perhaps they also wanted to "synch" up their colors with the blue used by the Braves and Thrashers (it's not uncommon for a number of teams in a particular city to share similar colors).

Daniel J Leonard

The HAWKS are one of those NBA franchises that seem to be searching, perpetually, for their look.
Those teams who rise to the elite, see mid-80's Hawks, should hang onto the uniform of that successful period. They should have their new players and teams aspire to the heights of their predecessors, their tradition.
The Celtics have done well along these lines, eh? Kevin Garnett brought them into the 21st century with white kicks, and look how well that turned out.
The Hawks 'new' look has some great design elements, the stylized 'ATLANTA' and the hawk-head, but the dark blue dominated uniform, black sneakers and socks pictured above, are not a good look.

Daniel J Leonard
Tucson, Arizona

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