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Erik D

I think it's interesting that all of these teams use either Red or Blue as their Primary color...the two most popular in all of sports. As much as I don't like the Yankees, I respect them and hope for their sake as well as baseball's that their uni's never change.
The Angels look is good, Hopefully they will stick with this one and try to make it classic and not re-design in another year or two.
The Dodgers are another team that I hope never changes their iconic look. I love the script and the look of that Dodger blue in the L.A. sunshine.
And the Phillies, I love their off-white uni's the best. Such a classic, vintage look and so appropriate for the game of baseball. And mix in the red and blue and you have a winner here. Great american/baseball look and feel.


Good article, and good point Erik D about the use of primary colors. Any article that starts out talking about the Yankees greatness and holds my attention must be good..they represent all that is wrong with sports, but I will begrudgingly accept that they have perhaps the classiest uniform in all of sports.... Good article Mr. Leonard!

Marc Latour

Mr. Leonard, just a word or two extolling your savvy while explaining why good teams look good and more importantly ... play good as well.
A classic blog about the classic teams and their look vis-a-vis their records.
Looking forward (here in Montreal) to your next blog.

Marc L.

Tenley Reyno

Dan, great article - very informative and insightful... the Phillies uniforms have the best design of the four, I think.
-T. Reyno


It's curious to consider that innovation is often tempered by superstition and superstition can drive teams to emulate the design of winning teams. A team could come out with some wacky new design and be ridiculed, but if they're winning, all will be forgiven. And then emulated! Having said that, I do dig the classic uniforms.

By the way, the font and uniform style of the L.A. Dodgers is still pretty much the original Brooklyn look, right? (Except for the knickers/socks, I guess...)

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