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Daniel J Leonard

I remember that red New Jersey General helmet!
The only season our Pittsburgh Maulers played, I saw Herschel Walker square of with Mike Rozier in Three Rivers Stadium on my birthday weekend in April of 1984.
The Maulers had one of the coolest logos.
A purple, muscular, hard-hatted steel worker swinging a long-handled sledge hammer over his head.
Still have the six-pack carrier they gave away as a promotion during that game.

Daniel J Leonard
Tucson, Arizona


It is funny to me that you mention the Boston Breakers logo. I had always liked it too. I actually played football at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR in the mid 90's, and for several years that was our helmet logo. It turns out that the head coach at Lewis & CLark, Tom Smythe, was an assistant coach for the Breakers when they were in Portland. He then took the logo with him wherever he coached going forward (he coached HS and small college football in Oregon). Luckily for me, I have a helmet from Lewis & Clark so I have that awesome design on display in my office every day.

Jim Ransdell

CJ-that is great that you have that on display. I love the Breakers helmet, one of my all-time favorites.

Dan-liked the Maulers logo as well.

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