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According to Joe Posnanski's book, The Machine, Broncos owner Bob Howsam, who was GM of the Reds later, made the Broncos wear the vertically striped socks to make them look taller. Look taller, perhaps. Play better, not so much.


"The other throwback game of the day brought the original Dallas Texans, now the Kansas City Chiefs, to Dallas to take on the Cowboys."

See? This would have made sense, right? The game was essentially ABOUT Dallas, but it took place in KC. The feild was painted with a 50th anniversay seal, though the endzones still said Chiefs -- which is probably smart. Kansas Citiers surely did not want to see "Texans" or certainly not "Dallas" in their end zone.

I guess the schedule didn't have KC playing in Dallas, and the opportunity was too good to pass up, but it would have been much cooler to have had this game in Dallas.

Jim Ransdell

John, thanks for pointing out that typo. You are right, the game would have made sense in Dallas.
At least the endzone did not say the CHEFS!

Daniel J Leonard

More power to all the great throwback uniforms. They are a tribute to our history, good or bad.
About that good luck 'new' Bengals jersey, some of the luster may wear off if you are sporting it for the second, more meaningful, rematch with the Steelers.

Daniel J Leonard
Tucson, Arizona

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