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Erik D

I love this idea....being a Dallas native, it's hard to imagine a drastic uni change, but I could see the blue lids with white jerseys....I love the Giants white helmet. I wish Detroit would lose the black altogether and go back to the silver helmet/blue facemask... I'm diggin the black Saints helmet, maybe they could combo with gold jerseys...I feel that the Cardinals helmet might be too much red because of the logo and I wonder what that Seattle lid would look like with a neon green facemask. And after last night's game, I actually like the vikings grey facemask look. There's something appropriate about Favre wearing a throwback uni.

Fred D

Redskins, Giants and Saints would be nice!


Great posting and great website! Washington and New Orleans look really good. I'd love to see you do this with college helmets.

Daniel J Leonard

Thumbs to the entire NFC East, the Lions, Falcons(their original helmet), Carolina and the Seahawks.
Thumbs down on Tampa, Vikings, Bears, Cardinals, Rams and 49ers.
Arizona, Tampa and S.F. logos just disappear with the red on red and I just can't get a grip on altering the classic Viking lid.
You should work up some of your own alternatives. I'm certain you could improve on many of the lesser designs.

Dan Leonard
Tucson, AZ

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