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Dave Murgie

The Buccos still have one of the nicest uniforms in major league baseball.
Unfortunately they haven't had many major league baseball players in them the past decade or so.
Also, the Pirates & Orioles wore '79 throw back uniforms for a game last season in inter-league play to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that World Series. So the pillbox hats did make a brief return last year which was interesting. Or not.

Steve Freno

I believe I must part ways with your esteemed guest columnist Dan here on this subject.... to refer to the Oakland A's of the early '70s as "stylish" borders on the absurd...I think that his worship (fully understood btw) of the Pirates from the same era are also slanting his views on their uniforms. Great teams both, but stylish or trendy?? More like an abomination!
If Dan was born an Astros Fan, would he be telling us how great they looked in the 80's? or the '76 White Sox (shorts!) or possibly the Padres in the '70s...???

Let's see more columns from Dan, but this one..?? Only a fan of the Pirates or A's could write this one! -:) Sorry Dan!


Grant Kraus

One's likes and dislikes are the opinion of the beholder. The colors, style, logos or design of uniforms don't really make a difference. It is the athletes who wear them that make the difference. Sports are debatable till the end of time. Every team, no matter what color jersey, has had "poor", "good", "very good", and "great", players to have performed for our dismay and/or pleasure. I never the saw the 70's A's play live. I collected baseball cards, read, and saw highlights of their success though! The kelly green and gold remain one of my favorite color combinations of all time. The boxer short bearing punk with his hat askew wearing one of those bright orange softball style Astros jersey today couldn't tell you a damn thing about Jose Cruz's high leg stance or J.R. Richard's fastball or that Joe Niekro threw a nailfile on the field. Talk up the new colors, historic pinstipes, throwbacks,or whatever. That's what it's there for!

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