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I couldn't agree more, Jim. The Chargers made the right choice in going back to the white helmet and powder blues, and I think they achieved a great compromise between new and old. The number on the helmet would be nice, but i'll take what i can get.

I have always loved the old Pats unis. "Pat the Patriot" was a great symbol and WAAAAY more appealing than "Flying Elvis." The only thing the new set has going for it is the all the Lombardi Trophys they won wearing them. Poor Pat got hammered (and not the good hammered) in his lone SB appearance.

I've hated the Bills' uniforms since they switched to the red helmet. The uni that followed was worse. Conversely, their AFL-era unis are spectacular in their simplicity. Love the standing buffalo. Their current buffalo is great too, but on the white helmet like they wore in the 70s. As you said, going back to a white helmet would be a great start toward helping the bills' currently hoooorrrrrrrible aesthetics.

It's funny you mention two AFC East teams. If I'm not mistaken, one of the reasons the Bills and Pats made a change was because in the old AFC East, 4 of the 5 teams -- Bills, Pats, Dolphins and Colts -- had white helmets (the Jets were still wearing those green things). If the Pats and Bills go back to the old (and better, IMHO) design, all 4 AFC East teams would have white hats. Ya think the NFL would allow it?

The Chargers did a good thing in their treatment of the shoulder stripe or whats left of it in current NFL unis. Compared to the Patriots' throwback you show Brady in, it's no contest. I LOVE the look of the old style shoulder stripes the Pats employ, but they simply don't work with today's uni-cut. The way the Bills handle the old-school-look-with-new-school-cut is much better. They placed it lower on the arm instead of above the TV numbers wrapping around the shoulder instead of over the shoulder. Good move.


I forgot to add that I wish the Raiders would keep the white jersey with black-outlined silver numbers. A very cool and unusual look.


AMEN my friend!

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