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looks like the Rams as well. The NFL did a good thing, gold & black is much better.


Not sure you quite get this whole uni thing my friend. You are just taking the current design and assigning a color scheme. Instead of that ugly helmet you showed, think UCLA! Saints in the UCLA script on a gold helmet with a grey facemask. Copy the throwback UCLA jersey like they just wore vs. USC (Nov. 29. 2009) and you have a wonderful Saints uni. Make sure to have the all black cleats (not the NIKE machine 1/2 black, 1/2 white crap that everyone is wearing now) with white laces and you have a damn near perfect uni.

The current Saints uni is fine, but the NIKE machine cleats look stupid, as does the all black disaster they wore early this season. the black and old gold are great, but the Saints can improve: All black cleats with white laces (this should be the LAW in college and pro). Dump the cheesy logo on hip and shoulder crap. Numbers like the UCLA throwbacks.

Jim Ransdell

Hoolie67-you are right, there are many more modifications that could be done if the team had that color scheme, but I just wanted to quickly illustrate how the blue color would have given the team a completely different look.
That's all this was, an exercise in color change.


That's cool. But, why not take it to the next level? As a uni guy, I enjoy your blog and have strong opinions (obviously) and would like to see you go further.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the history info concerning the Saints owner and the NFL. Very interesting to think what might have been.

Daniel J Leonard

The Saints have always had one of the most perfect color schemes and helmet logos.
I really liked the Fleur de lis inside the state of Louisiana they wore a few years back.
May they never change!
This season we may have the opportunity to view them all the way into February, eh?

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