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Thanks for the nod, Jim! I agree.. a white helmet can be a good thing. I like Florida's idea, but I'm not a huge fan of the "F." Here's a couple concepts I threw together using their Gator logo and script "Gators."



I agree with you, Jim. Somewhere along the line, the uni designers decided they needed to go with more menacing helmet designs: alien Patriot head, flying buffalo, angry horse head, dark, metallic colors. Do you suppose that sacrificing the cool designs for the more menacing ones made any difference in the players' play or the fans' support?


good call on the breakers' helmet, btw! i always liked the wrap-around design of the waves.

mike mentions the dearth of good modern helmet design. i agree, but i think the powers-that-be don't feel they've sacrificed good design since they're selling more gear than they were in the 60s, therefore the designs must be good, right (sarcasm intended)?

btw, you just know if the browns hadn't come back into the league as the "browns," they'd have cooked up some cockamamie contrived team name and logo set. i can see it now (swirly dream music and ripply blur effect)....

(NFL Headquarters - 1996)

NFL corporate guy: "Hey, we gotta come up with a name and logo for the new Cleveland team."

NFL designer guy: "Well, let's see... the old team had the nickname 'Dawgs,' but... "

NFL corporate guy: "GENIUS! "Dawgs" it is. Now we need a logo for the helmet. Boy, I'm glad we got rid of that plain orange helmet... it's hard to market a team without a logo."

NFL designer guy: "How about this... a profile view of an angry dog head, but..."

NFL corporate guy: "GENIUS!" Now we need colors.

NFL designer guy: "Well, our focus groups say teal and black are popular, but... "

NFL corporate guy: "GENIUS!" The "Cleveland Dawgs" will take the field in 1999 in their teal and black uniforms with a snarling, angry dog's head on their helmets. We'll make millions!

NFL designer guy: "In ticket sales?"

NFL corporate guy: "Nope. Merchandise."

I thank God every Sunday during football season that they're still the "Browns." Now if only they'd get rid of the brown pants...


"there is something about the teams that wear white helmets that is appealing to me."

it wouldn't have anything to do with this would it? :D


Jim Ransdell

Always loved the white UK helmet, way better than the current blue one. The version prior to that with the big K was even better.

Daniel J Leonard

My alma mater, the Edinboro Fighting Scots wore the white helmet with two burgundy-red stripes down the raised center molding. 'The abreviated 'Boro' in script is indelibly etched in my mind. A classic look. Great with the home, burgundy-red jersey or the white, away version.
Yikes, 30 years ago! Gray, was the only facemask option, though my little brother's friends like to kid we didn't have facemasks back then.

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