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Ha! I had the whole set. It was wonderful. Nothing like it on the market today. The over saturation of today's marketing wonks has ruined toys. The Evil Knievel cycle and figure were the best and all of us that remember having one remember playing with it until it was broken.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Jim.


AWESOME POST, DUDE! I too was an Evel fan as a kid. I had the wind-up bike and Evel in his white jumpsuit. If I recall correctly, they had a white suit, a red suit and a blue suit. I think Evel himself always wore the white suit, but I dug the red one on the action figure.

That SI cover is fantastic! From the red rabbit's foot to the "Chicklets" sponsorship patch to the pinkie ring to the monogrammed cuffs and finally to the pimp cane... Evel was one lucky, gum-chewin', sparkly-fingered, fancy-cuffed moto-pimp!

On a side note, Capt.(?) Robbie Knievel has likely eclipsed all of his dad's records for amount of cars jumped or distance of jumps or whatever other stat you can think of re: daredevil-ism, but sadly he'll never have that certain something Evel had to capture the attention of millions. I think Robbie's problem is he and his team are simply too good at what they do that's it's almost boring. You never hear stories of how Robbie's in the hospital after jumping over 57 buses submerged in a giant shark tank in a casino parking lot (after being out partying till 4am the night before) and he's broken 472 bones -- actually only 236, but each of them broke twice -- like his old man. Perhaps it was charisma or perhaps it was that aura of "we don't really know what the hell we're doing, and Evel has an 85% chance of ending up dead... so stay tuned, kids!"


I dare you to make a post without using the word "classic".

Jim Ransdell

I dare you to start your own blog and use whatever words you want.

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