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Daniel J Leonard

I was a Miami Dolphin fan initially because of the little gumball helmet that in my case housed a pencil sharpener.
Much to my Aunt's chagrin, at age 11, there I was in Three Rivers Stadium the week after Franco Harris' 'Immaculate Reception' waving a pennant for the perfect Dolphins during the AFC Championship game.
All she could do was shrug her shoulders as the Steeler faithful gave us an earful. "Kids, what are you gonna do?"

Daniel J Leonard
Tucson, Arizona

Daniel J Leonard

If you as old as me, you can still remember that the squared shape of those old gum ball helmets while outdated, was not too far from realistic.
While on the junior high gridiron in the mid-seventies, my 3rd and 4th string teammates, with no hope of entering a game, were issued those square style helmets that actually had white plastic facemasks similar to the gum ball versions.
Back before 'soccer-mom mentality' ruled scholastic sports, and kids could get 'cut' from a squad, coaches knew they weren't going to put those kids in, so they was no danger of injury in wearing a 20 year old helmet.

Daniel J Leonard
Tucson, Arizona




cool Hk

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