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A money back guarantee? In case the shirt didn't work? How nice.


aside from his success as a player, what has isiah thomas ever done to warrant an executive level position? what do i have to do to make isiah money, fail miserably, then get another job where people put me charge of stuff only to fail miserably yet again? the guy's a svengali!

love the shirt ad, though! is this the same CBA that plays today or is it a re-use of the initials like the modern AFL?

@ johnny: you got your money back in case of wardrobe malfunction. wait... old (and pretty bad) joke. sorry.

Daniel J Leonard

The CBA had a rival league during the mid-eighties, the USBL.
I was living in Fort Lauderdale at the time and went to see the Miami Tropics, the USBL franchise play in some college arena. The Tropics big draw was Mitchell Wiggins, a former Florida State standout who was attempting to get back to the NBA. He eventually was successful catching on with the Houston Rockets during their Hakeem Olajuwon glory days. Any possibility of a USBL story?

Daniel J Leonard
Tucson, Arizona

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